Despite 2020 being scarier than Halloween itself, many of us would never miss the opportunity to dress up with a silly and tacky outfit to celebrate Halloween.

This year will no doubt be a strange way to celebrate the 31st of October as many countries and cities still have lockdown measures in place, so make sure you respect the restrictions.

2020 brought us so much that it’s hard to choose who you want to dress up as for Halloween, but fear not, we have some ideas you might like.

Carole Baskin from Tiger King

When lockdown measures hit us back in March, Netflix blessed us with the most controversial show ever, Tiger King. It inspired a flood of memes and the conspiracy theory of a man being fed to tigers.

There’s no doubt, dressing up as Carole Baskin is just inevitable! Leopard print and bicycle rides; let’s pretend she knows nothing about her husband’s disappearance.

Joe Exotic from Tiger King

Just like Carole, Joe Exotic also kept us entertained with his failed singing career and his grudge for his nemesis Carole which ended up landing him in jail for hiring a hitman to make Carole disappear.

We are sure we will be seeing many Joe Exotics out there this year.

Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek

Netflix just kept on giving! It brought us season 6 of Schitt’s Creek which got us all cracking.

“This wine is awful. Give me another glass.” – complaining of how rubbish the fruit wine was, it got us all enjoying Moira filming a commercial under the influence.

But deep down, we all watched it just to hear Moira saying “Bébé”.

Karen who wants to speak to your Manager

The Karens have always been wild but this year was their peek!

Many times we wanted them to come out in force to speak to the Manager of Racism or the Manager of Coronavirus, but not even the wildest of the Karens defeated them.

There will be plenty of blonde bob wigs being sold this Halloween.

Mildred Ratched from Ratched

Sarah Paulson did an amazing job at portraying Mildred Ratched, the leading nurse at a psychiatric hospital who has an evil side to her.

With it, we were all fascinated by how this fictional carachter can be so mean yet still fall in love with a woman. Something that in the 60s it would have led to many lesbians being tortured, or yet put through convertion therapy.

We can already anticipate many of our fellow LGBTQ+ dress as Mildred this Halloween.

President Donald Trump

This one has been a bit of a novelty for the past couple of Halloweens, so no doubt many more Halloweens will see blonde wings and orange faces around.

Make Halloween great again, he would say! And if you need a good pair of socks to go with your blue suit and red tie, we have the perfect Trump socks with hair.

And if none of these are to your taste or you are simply giving Halloween a pass this year, there is always the amazing Quarantine Couch Potato outfit.

Just like everyday for the past few months, grab those joggers, grab that stained t-shirt and get Netflix going. For it, you can always wear any of our amazing pairs of funky socks that will keep your feet cozy and warm.

But if you’ve not had a chance to be a couch potato and instead was the work from home person, why not re-use one of your Zoom call’s outfits?! Boxers with a dress shirt and tie or a nice flowy top and pijama pants.

We’ve given you plenty of ideas to think about, now it’s up to you to smash the Halloween outfit competition! But do please remember that we would all love to be celebrating like it was 2019 but we must fight this pandemic, so follow the f*cking rules!