How to make a face mask out of socks?

As we grow older we start to acquire a large number of single socks, who sit lonely in our socks drawer hoping their pair returns from their washing machine trip. With the current situation, where face masks have been hard to get hold of, we as a society have had to...

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Why are food socks such great gifts?

First of all, everyone loves food and some of us love socks too, so when you combine both... boom.. you've got the perfect combo! Food socks are the perfect gift for when you're stuck for ideas, simply because no matter what, we all have a friend or family member who...

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What to do in self-isolation?

As the world lives through this pandemic, we all start practising social distancing, isolation and self-quarantining to help fight the spread of the coronavirus and very soon boredom strikes! We've got some ideas you might want to consider to help you through this...

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