How to Care For Your Socks

At a Glance

Wondering how to care for socks? We can help by covering how you should wash, dry, store and wear them so they last longer.

Wash Cold

Do Not Tumble Dry

Do Not Iron

Do Not Dry Clean

It is recommended that you wash your socks in cold water together with similar colours and avoid fabric softener.

Keep ’em cool! High temperatures can damage the elasticity of your socks. Together with fabric softener which can affect the wicking properties of some socks.

Do not dry clean your socks or use the tumble dryer; you will end up getting some baby socks instead. High temperatures damage the elasticity of your socks, not to mention that it can shrink them.

We recommend that you do not wring dry your socks and instead just squeeze the excess water and hang them to dry.

Socks tend to lose their pair very easily and quickly become single! This is a mystery and we won’t be the ones helping you determine why and how it happens!

We suggest that you keep dem socks married at all times, let them create a joint facebook page if you wish… just keep them together.

To avoid damaging the elastic on your socks, don’t scrunch or cram them into a dark drawer. Instead, lay them flat on top of each other and then fold them in half.

One more tip, keep your summer and winter socks separate, they just don’t get on! It’s a long story… but let’s say, they prefer their own space. This also helps avoiding an over-crowded drawer and your socks getting crammed and be subjected to unnecessary stress.

Well, we aren’t here to judge but let’s say that your socks are ticklish and would prefer if you kept you toenails trimmed.

It is also a good idea to wear socks that are of the right size to avoid having to get gran to patch the holes up later.