As we grow older we start to acquire a large number of single socks, who sit lonely in our socks drawer hoping their pair returns from their washing machine trip.

With the current situation, where face masks have been hard to get hold of, we as a society have had to become a bit more inventive with some DIY masks. Some people have now given a second life to their single socks by turning them into face masks.

The process is as simple as putting your socks on!
You will need a pair of scissors, one single and lonely sock and less than 5 minutes of your time. Don’t believe us?!

Check out this easy step by step video we have put together for you. We have used a boring black sock but we encourage you to use funky and bright socks.

Whilst these socks masks are great for when you have no other mask to wear, remember that they do not have any filtering system. You should also ensure that you cover the entirety of your nose and mouth.

Machine wash it on a hot setting after every use.