Not sure how to wear novelty socks? We’ve thought of three scenarios where we can help with some tips on how to style your outfit with a pair of colourful socks.

Throughout the years’ novelty socks have become the perfect way to express your personality through your fashion choices.

Often worn in casual settings, they can also make for the perfect finishing touch to your formal attire, but we know not everyone has the fashion eye; fear not, we can help!

Going on a date
Lockdown got you swiping right on all those dating apps and at last, someone decent hit you up with a cheesy chat-up line that piqued your interest. You’ve exchanged several texts and now that lockdown has eased, you are finally heading out on your first date… yikes!

You open your wardrobe and realise that half of what you once loved no longer sparks joy, still you grab a pair of ripped jeans, a cool t-shirt and then… the socks! For a moment, you contemplate going barefooted but you want to impress your potential husband or wife.

We find that for a casual outfit, a pair of either animal socks, food socks, like our best-seller broccoli socks or any sort of colourful socks work. However, our advice is to focus on the shoes and make sure your socks and shoes don’t clash. You don’t want them to focus on your feet first, but rather on your cute face!

Funny socks can also be a great ice breaker, especially when you’ve spoken enough about the weather and what cakes you baked during the lockdown.

Going back to work
Gone were the days where you could attend zoom meetings in your pants!
As we start to face society once again, it’s time to dust off the formal attire. If you work in an office and like to show up wearing a suit, you may opt for more subtle sock designs.

We find that spotty socks are subtle enough to not look like you got dressed in the dark and picked the first pair of socks you found.

If spotty socks aren’t your thing, designs like our rainbow peace sign socks would also work quite well. They have subtle colours that won’t let your feet arrive before you!

But do remember, if your socks get spotted and someone makes a comment, you know 100% that they are just jealous they aren’t as cool as you, so no sweat.

You’ve gone solo and became a small business owner
One thing the pandemic taught you is that you have more skills than you thought. It also showed you that as long as you have internet, the world is your oyster!

If you have finally decided to venture into the entrepreneur world and opened your dream business, you have likely been enjoying setting all of this up from the comfort of your home office. We all know, and you don’t have to pretend you haven’t, that you’ve been sitting around wearing barely anything that matches and old odd socks with holes. We certainly have!

Time has come for you to start to engage with either investors or suppliers on a more professional level, you open the wardrobe and realise that you haven’t done any washing for a week and all you have left are a pair of shorts and some tie-dye t-shirts, after all, they were the top fashion item at the beginning of lockdown.

You realise that shorts and t-shirts aren’t the most professional way you could show up, but you want to keep that Silicone Valley vibe going until you have some time to do the washing. You grab your Vans old skool trainers and pair them with some crew socks like IDGAF or our F Off socks.

You park the idea of a professional setting and instead, you call your mate Josh, who has always been interested in cryptocurrency and anything that could bring him some passive income. You head over to the coffee shop, in an attempt to convince him to become an angel investor in your new start-up but all Josh focus on is how cool you look and how he now wants a pair of NSFW socks.

In conclusion, no matter the setting, funny, novelty and colourful socks can be worn as long as you consider the context, your socks can make you feel good about yourself and that is the most important thing.

Fashion is personal and where some might think you look silly with a pair of alien socks on, others will appreciate and celebrate your individuality. If you like the socks, wear them, everyone else can continue to live their black and white lives.