Every year it becomes harder to buy those cool and unique gifts for your friends and family. More and more people move towards wanting electronic gifts and forget that sometimes the simplest things are the best.

2020, in particular, has shown us how the basics can bring us the greatest happiness. Compete with your grandma this Christmas by gifting some novelty socks to the ones you care for.

Christmas Fanatics
We all know that one person who cannot wait to put up the Christmas decorations and press play on the Christmas playlist. They live and breathe festiveness and sweat tinsel! For them, our collection of Christmas socks is your best starting point.

Secret Santa
Whether you do secret Santa with your family, friends or at work, nothing is more daunting than buying a gift for that one name allocated to you. Having to stick to a set budget and find a gift that is quirky and unusual can be a mission. For those, novelty socks can be a fun gift idea. A bit quirky and out there, or you can go further and pick something from our NSFW collection, which will no doubt spark some laughs or get you an enemy for life. Well, nonetheless, it will get you a reaction!

Stocking Fillers
You’ve spent all your Christmas budget in big and flashy gifts and left stocking fillers to last. If you need some stocking fillers ideas, you can choose from our curated list here. Our socks and accessories are affordable, plus we offer FREE shipping to those in the UK who buy three items.

Gifts for him, for her, for them
As per our mission, we aim to put an end to gender socks as such, our socks are genderless. Our huge selection of colourful and funky socks have the perfect pair for your friends, family or partner. Check out our Christmas gifts page for some more inspiration.


Some of our best sellers to get you started