It’s July, who would have thought that 2020 was going to be such an eventful year?! Perhaps not having forwarded that ‘good luck gnome’ email to ten people could have been the reason for all the things we have seen… sorry peeps!

Jokes aside, we anticipate the next six months to bring us all a lot more joy and normality; despite those Ibiza plans having been cancelled!

Right now we are all still sitting at home dreaming about pool parties, late-night chats under the moonlight with a refreshing beverage at hand. Instead, we grab a pair of flamingo socks, a can of pina colada, set the loungers in the garden and chill, contemplating if our usual clothes miss us.

But of course, here at Dem Socks, we have been working hard to bring you a crafted selection of summer socks to get you in the mood. With social distancing rules still in place, we’ve selected bright socks that will get you noticed two meters away.

We’ve included some of the best sellers from our funny socks collections and food socks, including the famous broccoli socks, the beer socks and of course we could not leave out the middle finger socks.flamingo socks and t-shirt

Without a doubt, our favourite socks for the summer are the flamingo socks. Somehow flamingos have become a summer icon perhaps because of all the flamingo inflatables we rock up to pool parties with.

We have even gone a step further and paired the socks with a flamingo t-shirt after all a flock is a lot cooler than a single flamingo. Let’s face it you need some outfit ideas after lounging in joggers for three months.

Of course, some might find these a bit too formal for the occasion! We thought about everything and got you a special pair of flamingo party socks which go perfectly with some snazzy shorts, a cup of your favourite beverage and a flamingo straw! Don’t believe us?! See it for yourself!


The reality is that socks are an all year round favourite but funky socks are surely the best way to show how you are down with the new trends.