As the world lives through this pandemic, we all start practising social distancing, isolation and self-quarantining to help fight the spread of the coronavirus and very soon boredom strikes!

We’ve got some ideas you might want to consider to help you through this time:

Meditate and focus on your well being⁠
Time in isolation, if alone, can become quite monotonous and at times it can affect us more than what we realise. Take this opportunity to focus on yourself.

Start your day with a meditation session and be thankful for your blessings, attract all those good energies.

Being confined to your house can also mean that you move less and your daily step count will suffer the most. Find online exercise groups and get your heart rate up. We have seen Instagram have a surge of personal trainers, CrossFit companies and just some of your most followed fitness influencers, put on an Insta live exercise class. Join them!

Go through your socks drawer and get rid of old socks with holes⁠
We are all guilty of keeping socks until they have lost the will to live!

Most have holes which you have probably asked your nan to patch up for you several times or single socks who are still waiting for their partner to return from the washing machine. Well… now it’s their time!

Retire those socks, give them a new life by turning them into dust rags or in the current times perhaps a toilet paper replacement, we joke, but no really if needs must! :). And as you make space in your socks drawer, why not have a look at which new socks you could add to the family? Have a browse through our collections here.

Invest the time to focus on that project you have been putting off for a while⁠
Remember that one project you have been talking about for ages, telling all your friends how much you would love to have it done if only you had the time?! Now, this is your time!

Grab a pen and paper and get your plan into action or if you are not so old style like us, perhaps you can use Trello to gather your thoughts. Be sure to share what your project is with us, just tag us on Instagram with – we really cannot wait to see it!

Binge-watch those series you have on your list⁠
Every one of us has a list of shows suggested by our friends and family throughout the year. As routine takes over our usual daily lives, the list keeps growing and we find it difficult to make a good dent in it. As our mandate is to #stayhome, well that can only mean one thing!

Grab a pair of comfy socks, grab that sofa throw you haven’t used in a while, put some popcorn on, get the telly going and start hacking away at the list. Share your list with us and we will share ours!

Clean the dust in those places you never knew dust could get into⁠
If a spring clean wasn’t part of your plans this year, well mother nature had different ideas!

Grab that duster and give your house a good deep clean. Clean all those random places you’ve never cleaned properly since you’ve moved in. Dust is cheeky and it will get everywhere, even where you did not think it could get into.

Whilst you are at it, perhaps fire off the telly and watch a bit of Marie Kondo, go through your drawers and “if it doesn’t spark joy” it’s got to go.

Buy some new socks – we are virus-free!⁠
We are a fairly small business and we have taken all the necessary measures to remain virus-free. We have listened to government advice and we have been isolating as instructed. We are lucky to have access to all our stock with ease and in a very controlled environment.

We have an ever-growing selection of funny socks, novelty socks, crazy socks, food socks, animal socks… everything socks at affordable prices and with low shipping costs worldwide. Come check out our collections and you won’t be disappointed.

Our shipping services continue to operate as normal and we are monitoring closely our shipping partner service updates and if anything changes you can check it here.