First of all, everyone loves food and some of us love socks too, so when you combine both… boom.. you’ve got the perfect combo!

Food socks are the perfect gift for when you’re stuck for ideas, simply because no matter what, we all have a friend or family member who fits within these categories:

The foodie
Anything food will get them excited.
New recipes, new food cuisines, new flavours and even new food socks perhaps!

They do not mind what “flavour” of socks you get them as long as it represents their love for food, they will rock them with their best outfit.

Let us give you some ideas; our sunny side up egg socks could make a great gift or if they don’t function before a coffee in the morning, maybe the doughnuts and coffee socks are a must.

The sushi clan
No chance of eating a good plate of sushi is skipped.

Some even carry their personalised chopsticks, no they don’t, well some might… shame we aren’t in the chopsticks’ business! But hey, fear not, for them we have two special sushi socks available.

For the ones who like a bit of nori wrapped sushi, the black sushi socks are perfect and for the more adventurous, who put wasabi on everything and their nose is so sharp they can smell next week, we have the green sushi socks.

The food influencer wannabe
They will take pictures of everything on their plate, they will do anything to rack those likes so much so that they will eat a cold meal after 100 photos.

For them, we could probably suggest a few but if you have sat at the table waiting for them to finally take that first bite, you may be best placed to know what they prefer than us, so have a look at our food socks’ collection here.

The craft beer connoisseurs
Beer is life!
They will know all the best pubs and bottle shops in the area. They can tell you how hoppy a pale ale is or how chocolaty it tastes!

Well, we don’t have any fancy pale ale or crafty stouts themed socks but fear not, we have something that will make for a great joke, our stein beer socks. We would love to see their face when they open the package, priceless!

The Vegan/ Vegetarian
Fruit and veggies rock!
Avocados rule their everyday life and the chance of trying a new trendy vegan or vegetarian recipe is never skipped.

For these friends/ family members, you cannot go wrong with some avocado socks, fries socks or our all-time top sellers the broccoli socks.

The socks lover
Doesn’t care what type of socks they receive, every single pair of socks brings joy to their life and increases their collection which they are extremely proud of and often enjoy showing off.

For these, let us tempt you with our favourite collections such as animal socks, NSFW socks and novelty socks.