Often socks are labelled for men or women based on the notion that men have bigger feet than women. Whilst that may generally be the case, this alone does not call for such labelling to exist. Feet come in all shapes and sizes; men can have small feet, and women can have big feet.

This categorisation it’s often led by social construct, where it is perceived that gender roles play a part in determining which activities are assigned to men or women. For example, men’s socks are expected to be more durable based on the social construct that men engage more in physical activity than women.

It’s idiotic to think that a piece of clothing such as a pair of socks, which is interchangeable, should be specified for a particular gender.

As we approach the start of Pride Month, we want to emphasise that here at Dem Socks, we believe that socks are gender-free. We simply sell socks for feet! If the feet have painted toenails, hairy toes or both, we do not care. Our socks are soft, stretchy and colourful and suitable for the feet of people who have a great sense of fashion and like to make a statement by wearing quirky socks regardless of which gender someone may identify as.

You can read more about how we contribute to the LGBTQ+ community through our Be Dem Good initiative.